2024 Registration Forms

Registration for 2024 Preseason Band Camp, August 10-17

Attendance at the preseason band camp is required for all members of the Marching Pirates. Students must complete each of these forms NO LATER than Monday, July 15 at 5 p.m. You must ALSO register for the class (MUSC 1705 for non-music majors and MUSC 1706 for music majors).

Please keep an eye on your email for updates and additional information as you prepare for the season!

Registration Checklist

Please do each of the following items NO LATER than July 15 at 5 p.m.:

Register for the class through the university.

  • Non-music majors: Marching Band MUSC 1705-001 (CRN: 80109), 2 credits (Fulfills Fine Arts Requirement)

  • Music Education majors: Marching Band Field Experience, MUSC 1706-001 (CRN: 80110), 1 credit (2 semesters required, C or better)

Submit the Commitment Form

  • All members of the Marching Pirates must complete this form
  • This form guarantees you a spot in the Marching Pirates, and it also represents your commitment to be a part of the band in 2024. Complete this form when you are certain you will be a part of the band.

Submit the Apparel and Uniform Sizing Form

  • All members of the Marching Pirates must complete this form

  • This form allows to organize your SWAG before you check in for band camp

  • Students purchasing shoes and gloves will be fitted for these items during band camp check-in

Submit the Equipment Form

  • Only members using a university-owned instrument need to fill this form out

Submit the Band Camp Housing Form

  • Only students living in an on-campus residence hall need to complete this form

  • Fill this form only when you have received your housing assignment

Please contact Dr. Busuito (busuitoj20@ecu.edu) if you have any questions

ECU Marching Pirates Band Camp