Community College Membership

Students from local community colleges are welcome to participate in our program!

Community College and the Marching Pirates

YES! Students attending a community college can be a part of the Marching Pirates! The process is somewhat involved, so please be prepared to jump through some hoops. Students will need to complete this process each year they are a community college student and a part of the band.

Step 1: Apply

Apply to be a Visiting Student no later than July 15, 2024.

  • Submit an online application. Select “Create Account” at the bottom if this is your first time applying to ECU and you do not have a PirateID.
  • Pay the $75 nonrefundable application fee.
  • Request your official transcript to be sent from your current institution.
    • Contact your home school’s Registrars Office and request your transcript to be sent to ECU; they will have appropriate email/postal addresses as needed to reach ECU Admissions
  • Submit the course permission form (Admissions will send after you apply).


Step 2: Set up your PirateID and Email

  • Go to There you will find your PirateID and email address. Then, activate your PirateID and create your secure passphrase.
  • All correspondence from ECU Admissions, tuition, fee bills, financial, and other messages will be sent to this address


Step 3: Verify your residency

If you wish to claim in-state residency for tuition purposes, please make sure to complete the Residency Determination Service (RDS) process at, if you have not done so already. Provide us with your Residency Certification Number (RCN) by emailing it to For more information, visit the Office of the Registrar’s Residency page, or contact RDS at 1-844-319-3640 or


Step 4: Register for Marching Band (MUSC 1705, CRN: 80109)

  • Contact the Registrar as soon as possible to register for your course(s).
  • In your initial correspondence, tell them that you are an accepted Visiting Student looking to register for MUSC 1705, CRN: 80109.


Step 5: Pay your tuition and fees for Fall 2024

  • Login to PiratePort using your PirateID and passphrase.
  • Click “The Tuition and Statement, 1098-T Statements and Payments”.
  • Current tuition rates are $288 per credit for summer ‘24.
    • Marching band is a two-credit class, so assume approximately $600 in tuition/fees will be owed to ECU
    • Additional associated costs in the Marching Pirates are limited to shoes ($45) and gloves ($4/pair, if applicable)

Step 6: Marching Pirates Forms

Complete your Commitment and other registration forms at


Interested in joining the Marching Pirates?

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