ECU Colorguard

One of the most visible parts of the band, you can learn more about our colorguard here.

Visual Excitement

The ECU colorguard has two main goals; to continue with the tradition created by our fellow alumni and to impress our audiences not only with our talents, but our dedication to our University.  The ECU colorguard is one of the biggest performing groups on campus and is a group that well respected by its fellow University peers.  To be a part of the ECU colorguard, you must be determined to practice hard and perform harder, you must show dedication to this group and your University, and you must always show professionalism, for you are an icon that is constantly watched from the minute you walk up College Hill to the minute you leave the stadium.  To be a part of the ECU colorguard is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

member of ECU colorguard with rifle
ECU Colorguard member with flag

Colorguard Membership Requirements

Here are the requirements to be an ECU Marching Pirates colorguard member:

  • Understanding of basic flag and dance technique
  • Being able to toss a variety of flag tosses
  • Understanding and presenting pom motions (taught at band camp)
  • Being able to learn choreography quickly and efficiently for shows.
  • Basic Rifle technique and toss basics (Optional)
  • Determination to work hard
  • A good attitude and respect for instructors and team members



All audition requirements will be taught during the first three days of preseason band camp. Each member will be required to learn the requirements and perform them in front of a panel of judges.

Here are the basic techniques that each member is required to understand for auditions on dance, flag, and rifle. Rifle is optional.



  • Understanding Jazz walk/run
  • Demonstrate a Chasse
  • Demonstrate a Saute
  • Demonstrate Chanie Turns
  • Demonstrate various leaps


  • Drop Spins (right and left)
  • Pull hits (right and left)
  • Cones
  • Tosses: pull hit toss, money hand toss, double, variety of 45 tosses, variety of cross tosses, and a flat toss.

Rifle (Optional)

  • Drop Spins (right and left)
  • Consistent triples, quads, and fives
  • Understanding of wrist rotations
  • Comfortable doing body under tosses

Everything that the individual must present in the audition process will be taught during the first three days of preseason band camp.

  • Demonstrate  dance basics
  • Demonstrate basic pom motions and ECU fight song on pom
  • Demonstrate drop spins while doing body
  • Demonstrate a variety of tosses
  • Present an adequate understanding of the ECU fight song on flag
  • Perform 45 seconds- 1 minute of a flag routine that will be in the upcoming show

Interested in joining the colorguard? Please contact Lynda Kachman at for more information.

    ECU Marching Pirates colorguard member with white flag
    member of ECU colorguard with patriotic themed flag

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