Band Camp Housing

Important: If you will live in a residence hall all year, please wait to fill out this form until you have received your room assignment.

Students must complete this by July 17 if they are living in on-campus housing for the whole year. We are unable to provide temporary housing for those living off campus this year.

Housing assignments are only made by ECU Campus Living – the Marching Pirates only facilitate your move in date. All questions pertaining to your housing assignment should be directed to ECU Campus Living.

  • Use ONLY your email address ending with
  • Please check "Yes" if you plan to stay in your dorm during preseason band camp.
  • Please read the following agreement which pertains to early move-in. Then check that you agree below.

    I understand that it is a privilege for me to check-in early and that I must abide by all Federal, State and ECU rules and regulations or risk being removed from the residence halls and the ECU Marching Pirates. Should I quit being a member of the ECU Marching Pirates, I understand that I will be billed $40 for each night that I checked in earlier than the assigned check-in date for my residence hall. I also understand that the charge can be viewed and paid online at or at the Cashier’s Office in the Old Cafeteria Complex within 30 days. The amount on my bill may show up as “residence hall damage" but it is actually an early check-in fee. Should you feel this bill is in error, you have the right to appeal.

  • This shows that you agree to the regulations for early move-in.