Class Conflict Form

This form is for a recurring conflict that involves an academic class that overlaps with the course meeting time for marching band (MWF, 4-5:50 p.m.) Course conflicts are approved based on the lack of scheduling options for classes you are taking, the requirement of the class in your respective program and degree sequence, and the total amount of time that will be missed. We will often try to resolve the conflict by pursuing scheduling alternatives before a request is approved. If it’s determined that you do have a valid, unmovable conflict, it will be approved, and we will work with your adviser to ensure you are a fully enrolled member of the Marching Pirates. A maximum of two hours of practice per week is excusable for an approved course conflict.

Indicate course number(s), e.g. ENGL 1100
Is the conflicting course required for your major?

Criteria for allowable rehearsal conflicts:

  1. Students may regularly miss rehearsal ONLY when it conflicts with another regularly scheduled ECU course (jobs and other ECU or non-ECU activities are not eligible for consideration).
  2. All class conflict requests must be submitted NO LATER THAN 6:00 PM ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 31.
  3. Students will be required to sign in and out on the sign-in sheet when they arrive/leave for class.
  4. If you need to discuss your conflict in greater detail, please contact Dr. Busuito directly via email (